SusPhos is a Dutch chemical-focused spin off company. By the end of this year, we will have scaled up our process and run our pilot plant at Wetterskip Fryslan, the water campus the Netherlands. 


SusPhos stands for optimally upgrading waste into market-known products. With our extensive chemical knowledge, we realise a complete upcycling of phosphate waste streams to create a waste-free process. We focus on reusing all elements to avoid discarding anything.


The patented SusPhos process is a robust process that can produce a variety of market known, high-quality phosphate products. These range across several markets, including the flame-retardant and fertilizer industries.

At SusPhos, we believe in a circular economy to achieve sustainability. We are a pioneering company focused on upcycling of phosphate rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to replace current fossil-sourced products. 




Our unique, patented process is compatible with several industrial waste streams, including agriculture, communal waste, and the food & beverage industry.


Our first products will be high quality flame retardants and specialty fertilizers. Besides these, we can produce a wide range of other high quality, phosphate rich products. SusPhos will be the first to provide customers with high quality sustainable phosphate products


We only produce products, we do not believe in waste. We will always try to find the best solution to incorporate all the elements from the starting material into valuable products.



dr. Marissa de Boer

Marissa is one of the founders of SusPhos and CEO of SusPhos. She was a European project manager on Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry. Marissa won several pitch competitions and is eager to commercialize sustainable solutions to realize a circular economy. 

dr. Steven van Zutphen

Chemist and business developer, Steven started and successfully exited a start-up manufacturing polymers for precious metal capture from waste and process water. After integrating this technology in a wider mining and refining chemistry portfolio with the buyer, he joined SusPhos for business development and to accelerate the company growth.   

Victor Ajao
Chemical Production Engineer
Industrial Chemist and Environmental Technologist; Victor, won during his PhD with his team at Wetsus the first three stages (proposal, lab and pilot) of the George Barley Water Prize on phosphorus removal from surface water. In March 2020, he joined the SusPhos team as a Chemical Production Engineer to scale up the epoch-making technology.


Matthew Sultan

Matthew is an organic chemist by training. During his internship, he worked for 10 months on the SusPhos process, supporting the research and gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the process. In March 2020, he rejoined the SusPhos team as a researcher to continue his research on product optimization for SusPhos with the funding of the NWO Gouden Kiem Grant.

Steven Beijer MSc
PhD student

Steven is a PhD-student on circular phosphorus chemistry. During his Masters in Sustainable Chemistry, he did an internship on optimizing the SusPhos process. After finishing his studies, he returned February 2019 to become a PhD-student while staying in close collaboration with the SusPhos BV.   

SusPhos advisors

dr. Chris Slootweg
Scientific Advisor

Chris is one of the founders of SusPhos and scientific advisor of SusPhos. He holds a position of associate professor at the University of Amsterdam. The mission of his laboratory is to work at the intersection of fundamental physical organic chemistry, main group chemistry and circular chemistry. Chris is highly motivated to promote the 12 principles of circular chemistry (published in Nature Chemistry) with appealing case studies to enable the circular economy – SusPhos is one of them.

ing. Bas de Jong
R&D advisor

Bas is one of the founders of SusPhos and R&D advisor of SusPhos. He is a senior technician and highly experienced in phosphorus chemistry and accompanying technologies, building lab scale prototypes and is a star in finding solutions for challenging chemical problems. 



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